Alex Pransky

Co-Founder & C.O.O.

A cannabis industry veteran with deep roots in the Mary Jane Mecca of Western Massachusetts, Alex relocated to California in 2010 to continue following his passions in cannabis, culinary and the arts. He quickly became immersed in the local cannabis community and that passion transformed into a career.

Starting as a dispensary manager and buyer he quickly made the leap to brand building, helping to mold four separate legacy operations into multi-million dollar companies over the course of ten years. Each of Bumblebee Vape, Humboldt's Finest, Premium Extracts and Friendly Farms have a unique and pivotal place in California's cannabis market. Alex's tenacity and high standard for performance drove growth and innovation on each leg of this journey.

His success over the years comes from a willingness to wear multiple hats and get his hands dirty while soaking up knowledge along the way. His ability to confidently run a full scale cannabis operation matched with his passion for the product and connection to the culture is a rare combination that has paid dividends in every era of the cannabis industry. In 2023 he decided it was time to apply this experience to the broader industry, and thus, The Higher Circle was born.

To encapsulate Alex’s driving force in one word: Experience. He embraces living a full life and curating an intersection of cannabis, community and the arts. His vision for the future centers around normalizing cannabis as a fixture of popular culture and social environments worldwide.