Monique Vieras

Co-Founder & C.E.O.

A veteran in the cannabis industry since 2006, Monique possesses a wealth of experience that spans the full spectrum of the field. Her journey began with hands-on work overseeing cultivation crews and eventually diving into the realm cannabis Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) brand sales and distribution. A pivotal point in her career came in 2018 with her transition into direct collaboration with brands and MSOs where she not only addressed their ancillary needs but played a crucial role in realizing their brand vision.

Monique's evolution saw her excel in Sales and Business Development, making significant contributions to pioneering brands like Bumblebee Vape and Humboldt’s Finest. Her entrepreneurial spirit also led to the creation of her own cannabis topical brand, reflecting her deep industry knowledge and innovative drive.

Beyond her professional accomplishments, Monique is a passionate advocate for the medicinal properties of cannabis. She views cannabis as more than a commodity; it's a powerful form of medicine. Monique's unwavering belief in the plant's holistic healing potential and her dedication to the cannabis industry make her a valuable asset for a diverse range of cannabis operators and businesses.